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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Delivering Unfavourable News

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CMN 124
John Burry

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thWednesday February 9 2011 Chapter 7 Delivering Unfavorable NewsDelivering Unfavorable NewsNegative Message message that communicated negative information that may be upset or disappointed the readerUnique in their special attention to content structure context and toneThese elements work together to preserve goodwill and ensure the recipient finishes reading the message and accepts the bad news without feeling bitter hostile or resentful when giving bad news always remember the following 1 Primary GoalsGive bad news in a clear brief and respectful way and state it only onceHelps readers accept the bad news by showing fairness and logic of the decision offering an explanation and eliminating unnecessarily negative languageMaintain and build goodwill towards the reader and the readers organization despite the unpleasant facts the message must communicate Get your purpose across the first time 2 Secondary GoalsBalance business decisions with sensitivity to reader by putting yourself in their positionReflect promptness accountability and consideration factors that reduce impatience and potential hostility delivering bad news at the right timeProtect yourself and your original from legal liability bad news falls into several categoriesRefusals turn down invitations suggestions proposals and requests for information actions employment and creditAnnouncement disclose price increases policy changes delivery delays cancellation of services and products defects or recallAssessmentAppraisals offer negative assessments of employee job performance or personnel issuesTone in Bad New Message tone is important especially important to avoid phrasing that is harsh defensive and accusatory tips for maintain an even reader friendly toneDont plead with the reader please understand Be aware of mixed messages by expressing unwillingness to comply when it is within your powerEX I am sorry that we have chosen not toAvoid statements based on assumptions that the reader will accept the bad newsEX you will certainly agreeunderstandappreciateStick to facts keeping language jargon freeUse expressions of sympathy to avoid hinting at the bad newsEX sorry I regret unfortunately
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