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Chapter 4

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Ryerson University
CRM 100
Tsasha Awong

CRM 100: Chapter 4 9/15/2013 10:11:00 AM Crime Rates, Crime Trends, and Perceptions of Crime in Canada -Fear of crime is measured in 2 ways:  1: Feelings of satisfaction with personal safety from crime  2: Individuals anticipated fear or worry bout becoming a victim 2010 Crime Rates -Approx. 2.1 million Criminal Code incidents were reported to the police (excluding traffic offences and federal level statutes, drug offences) -5% decrease since 2009 -21% of all offences were classified as violent crimes, property crimes accounted for 63%, other 16% classified as “other” criminal code offences -Violent crime rate declined 3% from ‟09 to 2010 -Volume and severity of police-reported violent crimes decreased were:  Attempted murder (-14%), Homicide (-9%), Robbery (-6%), Serious assaults (-5%) -Increases recorded:  Firearm offences (+12%), Criminal harassment (7%), All types of sexual assaults (+6%), abductions (+3%) -Violent Crime Severity Index decreased by 6% in 2010 -Property crimes made for most reported crimes (63%) in 2010  Most common property crimes were theft under $5,000, break and enter, & motor vehicle theft (3 account for 89% of property crimes) -“Other” Criminal Code Offences:  Prostitution(-15%), weapons violations(-2%), counterfeiting(-1%), child pornography(+36%),administration of justice violation(+2%) -Police crime stats are affected by behavioral patterns (# of individuals committing offences + society‟s responses to criminal behavior) -Crime rates can be influenced by the age structure of the population, (higher risks= ages 15-24, lower risks= 50+) UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) System -Launched in Canada in 1961 -Designed to generate reliable crime stats for use in all aspects of law -Advantages: Disadvantages:  Comparison over time  Under-estimates total volume of crime  Comparisons across jurisdictions impact of police discretion  Allows comparisons between Canada and  Impact of public decisions on reporting other countries  Administrative and legal changes  reveals offender and victim  Checkpoints, more cops on duty during long characteristics holidays because there is a higher chance of  Tells us about their age, relations (in drunk drivers what capacity), whether or not alcohol  Counting problems was involved or drugs  Over-states violent crimes known to the  reveals incident characteristics police Official stats focus more violent crimes rather than non-violent crime Victimization Surveys -General social survey every five years, asking random representatives if they have been a victim of a crime, have they reported the crime, did the police know, and fear of crime?  Ex: Can/Do ask about different kinds of offences.  Only asks abo
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