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Wk. 6 - Mad History Readings - Notes+Qns.doc

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Disability Studies
DST 500
Jijian Voronka

DST500 – Wk. 6 – Mad History Readings: notes and questions February 25, 2013 Reaume (Psychiatric Survivor Pride Day) 1. What was the main message of the organizers at Pride 1993? - To fight stereotypes like “they (survivors) were dangerous and a burden to society” - Main message: psychiatric survivors are part of the community and belong here just like anyone else. - There were six objectives: o To combat stigma o To celebrate psychiatric survivors “as active members of Canadian society” o To “present the history and culture of psychiatric survivors from the perspective of those who lived…this experience” o Link up with other marginalized groups including persons with disabilities, people of color, first nations, in rejecting oppressive cultural stereotypes o To connect with other community based groups in Parkdale to ensure visibility and acceptance of persons with psychiatric histories o To empower those of us previously excluded, to participate in the creation and preservation of our contribution to the Canadian culture 2. What did the term “survivor” mean? - The word was chosen to show that there was much pride in their history of surviving discrimination and abuse inside and outside the psychiatric experience - It was to advocate their rights and personal and collective accomplishments Jackson (Unequal Treatment) • Blacks were seen as insane when they discussed their victimization • When they ta
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