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DST 500 Chapter Notes -Anti-Psychiatry, Internalized Oppression

Disability Studies
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DST 500
Jijian Voronka

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DST500 – Wk. 6 – Mad History
Readings: notes and questions
February 25, 2013
Reaume (Psychiatric Survivor Pride Day)
1. What was the main message of the organizers at Pride 1993?
- To fight stereotypes like “they (survivors) were dangerous and a
burden to society”
- Main message: psychiatric survivors are part of the community and
belong here just like anyone else.
- There were six objectives:
oTo combat stigma
oTo celebrate psychiatric survivors “as active members of
Canadian society”
oTo “present the history and culture of psychiatric survivors from
the perspective of those who lived…this experience”
oLink up with other marginalized groups including persons with
disabilities, people of color, first nations, in rejecting oppressive
cultural stereotypes
oTo connect with other community based groups in Parkdale to
ensure visibility and acceptance of persons with psychiatric
oTo empower those of us previously excluded, to participate in
the creation and preservation of our contribution to the
Canadian culture
2. What did the term “survivor” mean?
- The word was chosen to show that there was much pride in their
history of surviving discrimination and abuse inside and outside the
psychiatric experience
- It was to advocate their rights and personal and collective
Jackson (Unequal Treatment)
Blacks were seen as insane when they discussed their victimization
When they talk about racism and its impact, they have their stories
discounted. This discounting is a form of psychological terrorism that
has been used to silence antiracist protest
1. How do African Americans deal with distress that is considered
symptomatic in psychiatric texts?
Community-generated care strategies are not a rejection of science
but a demand that science be more flexible in how it views healing
Healing is more than just symptom relief
Healing is contact and acknowledgement of the problem
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