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Chapter 10

In Fashion Chapter 10 Outline

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

Global Sourcing and Merchandising (Chapter 10) MARKET TERMINOLOGY Market: place where foods are produced and sold at wholesale prices to store buyers Market Center: city where fashion is produced and sold at wholesale prices Mart: building that houses a wholesale market (an exhibition of fashions that are ready to be sold to retail stores) Market Weeks: market centers and marts are filled with producers and designers, who exhibit new lines Trade Shows: periodic exhibits that are scheduled throughout the year in regional market centers and marts. Smaller than market weeks EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN – Global Sales Pg. 228 FOREIGN FASHION MARKETS France Prêt-a-porter = ready-to-wear Read pg. 236 Italy - France’s most serious rival in the international fashion industry is Italy Read pg. 237 – 239 TIMELESS TREASURES – Ralph Lauren - Never went to fashion school - Started his career by selling men’s ties Great Britain & Others Read pgs. 239 – 241 Canada - Fashion industry = fifth largest employer in Canada and gets larger every year - Two important
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