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Chapter 2

In Fashion Chapter 2 Outline

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

The Environment of Fashion Market Segmentation Target Market – a group of potential customers that a business is trying to turn into regular customers Geographics – population studies that focus on where people live Demographics – population studies that divide broad groups of consumers into smaller market segments. Includes: - Age - Gender - Family size - Income - Occupation - Education - Religion Psychographics – studies that focus more on personal portraits of potential customers and their lifestyles. Includes social status, values and lifestyles, and personality. IN THE FASHION SPOTLIGHT – Donna Karan Read article on Donna Karan The Economic Environment Consumer Income Personal Income – total income received by a person. Disposable Income – the amount a person has left to spend after taxes Discretionary Income – the money a person can spend after buying necessities (food, clothing, shelter, transportation) -> most important for fashion demand TIMELESS TREASURES – Tobe Read article on Fashion F
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