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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Groups of people in cities

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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Maria Piccioni

GEO106Chapter 11 Groups of people in citiesOne urban social geographical approach is to investigate urban ecological structure Three methodologies y Ecological approachuses concepts from ecology to describe and explain urban processes y Social area analysis SAAattempt to measure and map urbanisation processes y Factorial urban ecologyuses factorial analysis to explore social dimensions of urban areasUrban ecologyy Concentrated on characteristics of people in certain places communities or neighbourhoods and the tensions and conflicts at the boundaries ecotones of those communities that gave rise of succession and dominance among the groups thus changing the nature of the places y Applied to groups of people rather than individuals y invading groups will either be repulsed will replace or will be assimilated into the existing communitySocial area analysis SAAy Premise there was a measurable and visible social structure to the city y Suggested that three empirical constructs can be derived from the process of urba
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