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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Issues and Situations – Camp Samsung An experience of mine where goals that were not well supported by plans was in middle school fund raising event for better sports equipment. We had set a goal to reach but we lost more than gain. Most of the times we were not clear on the specifics, our goals were unrealistic and dis-organized because we were not co-operating. Most of the material we would have less than we need or more than we need. Another experience that plans that were not well implemented was working in groups in high school. The plan was each member of the group completes one task and we all agreed which ones we wanted or picked. When it came to putting the assignment together some of the member did not do their part and some did the wrong part. All in all, the communication went wrong, we were dis-organized and we did not co-operate. We thought of a plan that would be good but we did not go into specifics nor fully implement the plan. In high school it was completely different as I was a part of the athletic association, where we had separate groups but had the same goals which were to set up our sports
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