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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Sam Lampropoulos

Chapter 4 ProductDesign System Design A Design for successEssence of any organization is the products and services its offersProduct Designdetermining the form and function of the product Product and service design is a major factor in the success of the organization through Cost Quality 80 of quality is determined during design stagetime to market customer satisfaction competitive advantageTrends in product and service design customer satisfaction reducing time to produce and introduce new products on the market the organizations capabilities to produce or deliver the item environmental concerns designing productservices that are user friendly Four basic elements oproduct approval committeeConsists of top management and oversees and directs the designdevelopment activities Authorizing new products reviewing their progress at phase review point allocating resources across different project and ensuring consistency between company strategy ostructured development processIs use of project management techniquesInvolves breaking each phase into steps and each step into activities determining their precedence relationships scheduling and execution and controlMost critical and are planned and managed by the core tteam it relates to one functional area and is planned and managed by the core team member from that functionocore teamAre crossfunctional teams empowered to plan and lead the designdevelopment projects from idea to commercializationInvolves resolving issues and conflicts making tradeoff decisionsNot large then eight membersMust know role and responsibility limits of authority ophase reviewsAre milestones during a new product designdevelopment project when the progress of the core team is reviewed by the product approval committeeDecision will be to approve cancel redirect the projectescalator effectcost of changes tends to multiply with each phase changing a sketch is a lot easier than changing a prototype and
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