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Chapter 4

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Kirk Bailey

Ch4System DesignGMS401There is an obvious link between the design of goodsservices and the success of the organization Product Design determining the form and function of the product In most cases products are redesigned to invigorate their demand and to take advantage of the new technologyProduct Design ProcessFour elements to rapidly create new goods and services and bring them to customerso The product approval committee consists of top management and oversees and directs the designdevelopment activitieso Core teams are crossfunctional teams empowered to plan and lead the designdevelopment projects from idea to commercializationo Phase reviews or stagegates are milestones during a new product designdevelopment project when the progress of the core team is reviewed by the product approval committee The decision will be to approve cancel or redirect the project o The structured development process is the use of project management techniquesThe usual phases for product design areo Idea generation and preliminary assessment Scoping o Building a business caseo Development of product and processo Testing and validationo Launcho DESCRIPTIONS pg117A core team usually consists of a product manager product designers and manufacturingoperations representatives The team is expanded during each phase of design The team based approach is called concurrent engineering In the stagegate model scoping involves preliminary market financial and techniques assessment building business case involves determining customer requirements competitive analysis detailed financial and technical analysis product definition and operations assessment development involves further developing the product concept makingtesting prototypes and operations process development and testing and validation involves further inhouse testing and customer trials acquisition or production equipment and operation trialsSources of Ideas for New Products or Redesigned ProductsIdeas for newimproved goodsservices can come from a wide range of sources both from within the organization and from outside it
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