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GMS 522 Chapter Notes -Marketing Effectiveness, Data Analysis, Qualitative Property

Global Management Studies
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GMS 522
Helene Moore

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GMS 522
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GMS 522
Week 7
Chapter 7: Global Marketing Research
Market Research Defined:
The function that links the consumer, customer and the public to the marketer through
information information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems
Generate, refine and evaluate marketing actions
Monitor marketing performance
Improve understanding of marketing as a process
Primary and Secondary Research:
Research conducted with a specific objective in mind
Creation of new data
Surveys, focus groups
Usage of data of information that is already existing
Government data
Global institution data
Syndicated data
Global Marketing Research Categories
Research that involves collecting data and making inferences in two or more countries within
the context of the same project
Research on a single country conducted by a researcher from another country with a view to
understanding similarities and differences compared to the researcher’s home country
Research that involves work on immigrant populations to better understand attitudes and
behaviours when people from one culture move to another culture
New Parameters
When crossing national boarders, a firm encounters parameters not found in domestic markets.
Duties, foreign currencies, and changes in their values, global logistics, international
documentation and port facilities
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