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Article 7: Facilities Programming
Programming phase
This phase in hotel development is important because of the highly competitive
nature of the hotel business
Predesign documentation for a new project or major expansion or repositioning
must fully describe and define both the space needs and operational requirements
Must address:
Market demand
Quality level
Operational features
Restaurant concepts
Budget etc.
Feasibility consultants recommend a mix of certain facilities:
Hotel Management Companyto develop the final program w/owner &
Step 1: Preparation of a Market Study and Financial Projections
This phase analyzes demand for lodging within the particular market segments and
compares these with the existing supply of hotel facilities
Market study identifies multiple needs within these spaces
Guest room mix
Special food themes
Audio/Visual requirements
Health club preferences
You must know the amenities, location and flexibility of the business
Amenitiesto draw the right customers to your property
Locationto determine what services to offer
Flexibilityto adapt to the changing and growing market
Step 2: Summary of the Principle Public Facilities
Precise list of the revenue-producing areas are required (the ones where support and
service areas are based upon)
Space list prepared by the operating company begins to set the framework for a clear
understanding of the facilities and the type of image the hotel wants to project to the public
Operating company identifies
mix of guestrooms & suites
defines specific dining rooms, lounges & function areas
details the amount of admin space
allocates to service functions (ex. kitchen, shipping & receiving, storage, employee
areas, laundry, housekeeping, engineering & maintenance space)
most challenging aspect of hotel design is necessity to develop a plan that
accommodates to guest markets and operational requirements of the hotel
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