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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 6 Interpersonal and organization-wide communication The importance of effective interpersonal and organization-wide communication Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between a sender a receiver with the goal of reaching mutual understanding o It includes verbal, nonverbal (facial expressions) and written communication 1 large study of managers in different types of jobs and industries found that managers with the most effective work units engaged in frequent communication with their employees, whereas the managers with the highest promotion rates engaged in networking activities with superiors Effective communication is a key foundation for human relationships both at work and outside of work A communication process model Main parts of a communication process model are a sender, a receiver, a channel for transmission, barriers, and a feedback loop o Sender is the person creating the message Forms the message and then encode it into a message that can be transmitted like words, gestures, pictures o Receiver is the person receiving the message Receives the message and then decode or understand the message Message contains the thoughts and feelings that the communicator intends to show in the receiver Message has 2 primary parts o The thought or theoretical part of the message (its content) o The feeling or emotional part of the message (its affect) Feedback is any information that people receive about their behavior or performance, its effect on others, or comparison to a standard or expectation o Feedback occurs when the receiver provides the communicator with a verbal or nonverbal response to the message www.notesolution.com
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