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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Notes

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 9Power POWER NOTESPower The ability or potential of one party to change or control the behaviour attitudes opinions objectives needs or values of another partyInfluence the process of actually exercising this power by affecting the thoughts behaviours and feelings of others Political Behaviour Influence attempts that are for personal gain and are not officially sanctioned by an organization The Organizational Power Conversion Grid OPCG shows the causeaffect relationship between power sources influence tactics and outcomes moderated by certain organizational conditions like the degree to which one is replaceable PAGE 255 During times of uncertainty and when resources are scarce people are more likely to use power influence or political behaviour to get what they wantPowerlessness lack of power leads to bossiness micromanagement inflexible adherence to the rules a tendency to do the job oneself rather than training employees to do it etcINDIVIDUAL SOURCES OF POWER AND THEIR EFFECTSInformation access is the sixth source and recently added Legitimate Power power based on position and mutual agreement that the power holder has the right to influence another personReward Power power based on a persons ability to control the rewards that another person wants in case study no official power but could be applied that they got intrinsic rewards from JoeCoercive Power power based on a persons ability to cause an unpleasant experience Ex Do it or elseReferent Power An elusive power base on interpersonal attractiono Charisma a personal trait that gives a leader referent power over followers Expert Power power based on a persons specialized knowledge of skills that another person needsInformation Power access to and control over important information the old crew sort of ORGANIZATIONAL CONDITIONS ENABLING POWER AND INFLUENCEThe degree to which one controls critical resourcesThe degree to which one can reduce uncertaintyThe degree to which ones role is central or important to organizations success thought they were but really werent as muchThe degree to which one is difficult to replace or nonsubstitutable maybe older people didnt say because were worried to be replaced
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