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Chapter 8

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 523
Rasha Narsa

Uses of Performance Appraisals Without an affective appraisal system promotions transfers and other employeerelated decisions become subject to trail and error Career planning and HRD suffer bc there is no systematic performance feedbackKey Elements of Performance Appraisal SystemsThe appraisal should create an accurate picture of an individuals job performanceThey should be jobrelated be practical have standards and use dependable measureso Jobrelatedthe system evaluates critical behaviours that constitute job successo Practicalunderstood by evaluators and employeesPerformance standards The benchmarks against which performance is measuredshould be related to desired results Knowledge of these standards is collected through job analysis From the duties and standards in the job description the analyst can decide which behaviours should be evaluated Performance measures The ratings used to evaluate employee performance To be useful they must be easy to use be reliable and report on the critical behaviours that determine performance Objective performance measuresthose indications of job performance that are verifiable by othersquantitative Subjective performance measuresthose ratings that arent verifiable by othersraters personal opinions
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