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Chapter 5

MHR 523 Chapter 5 Test Bank

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Human Resources
MHR 523
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c5Student 1 Recruitment is defined as the process of A finding and attracting capable individuals to apply for employmentB locating and hiring new employeesC interviewing and hiringD attracting and outsourcing employeesE systematic layoffs 2 The recruiting process A is completed after new recruits are trainedB begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submittedC begins with job analysis and ends when the new employee is hiredD involves identifying candidates from a pool of applicantsE begins by reviewing the applicants and ends with a job offer 3 Recruiting specialists are known as A selectorsB employment resource specialistsC recruitersD selection specialistsE interviewers 4 Recruitment can be done only A during business hoursB after identification of job openingsC after applicants have expressed an interestD following the selection processE if the organization has a professional human resources department 5 After identifying job openings the recruiter next A publishes an ad in the employment section of the local newspaperB hires the best applicantC reviews job analysis informationD selects people to be interviewedE determines what type of interview to conduct 6 The key to success in recruitment is A getting people to apply for jobs regardless of fitB getting a very large number of people to applyC getting the right type of applicantD getting a lot of applicants at least costE hiring the best person 7 Recruiting the best candidates today A can be a means of developing a competitive advantageB means increasing future recruiting and training expensesC is too expensive to do most of the timeD is done usually without trouble or expenseE is illegal under employment equity legislation 8 The easiest positions to fill are A executive managementB high tech employeesC skilled workersD front line staffE unskilled labour 9 Recruiting is becoming more challenging because of all of the following except A aging populationB stiff competition for talentC rising compensation costsD technological advancesE rising aspiration levels among new entrants 10 Key recruitment decisions in strategic human resource planning include all the following except A gaining competitive advantage from human capitalB investing resources into recruitmentC developing the benefits of a diverse workforceD focusing on employee developmentE current sales and budget figures 11 When applicants lack necessary skills and aptitudes to be successful additional resources must be spent in all of the following areas except A training and developmentB employee relations practicesC operations managementD employee communication systemsE selection 12 Hiring from a large diverse pool of candidates A makes the selection choices more difficultB can offer greater flexibility and capabilitiesC is an expensive recruiting planD creates a lengthy recruiting processE is administratively very difficult to do 13 When recruiting from within benefits may include all the following except A employee familiarization with the organizationB employee is a known quantityC increased workforce motivationD acquisition of skills current employees do not possessE possible lower recruiting costs 14 Internal recruiting can offer advantages such as A more accurate prediction of the persons chance of successB bringing in new bloodC usually creates a drop in employee morale by those who were passed over for promotionD new ideas introduced into the organizationE removing undesirable employees 15 External recruiting offers possible advantages including A the acquisition of new skills and knowledgeB generally lower recruiting costsC extended training and orientation periodD an automatic fit between the new employee and the organizationE increased morale and motivation among current employees
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