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Chapter 3-4

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Louis Pike

 Question 1 1 out of 1 points An example of a professional bureaucracy is a Answer Selected Answer: school system.  Question 2 1 out of 1 points Rogers Cable was the sole supplier of iPhones in Canada for two years, but now Telus and Bell can market iPhones in Canada; this illustrates the competitive force of ________. Answer Selected Answer: new market entrants  Question 3 1 out of 1 points The effect of the Internet has been to raise bargaining power over suppliers. Answer Selected Answer:True  Question 4 1 out of 1 points The ________ model is used to describe the interaction of external forces that affect an organization's strategy and ability to compete. Answer Selected Answer: competitive forces  Question 5 1 out of 1 points Ethical issues in information systems have been given new urgency by the rise of the Internet and electronic commerce. Answer Selected Answer:True  Question 6 1 out of 1 points Chapters.Indigo.ca keeps track of user preferences for book and CD purchases and can recommend titles purchased by others to its customers. This illustrates a firm using a low-cost leadership strategy. Answer Selected Answer:False  Question 7 1 out of 1 points Doors Inc. has just developed a new software that helps put in state of the art manufacturing techniques into plants. A quick search of the Internet reveals that another company in China already has a copy of their software that has not yet been put on the market. The moral dimension best described by this scenario is Answer Selected Answer: property rights and obligations.  Question 8 1 out of 1 points Information systems make it possible for companies such as ________ to outsource their production to contract manufacturers such as Flextronics instead of making their products themselves. Answer Selected Answer: Cisco Systems and Dell Inc.  Question 9 1 out of 1 points Barb is buying a book online. They are asking her to give them a large amount of personal information before she is able to buy the book. The book site describes what will happen with the information and they also provide a way for Barb to ask them to collect no more data on her. The principle best described by this scenario is Answer Selected Answer: informed consent  Questio
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