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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

Chapter 11Windows Server 2008 VirtualizationVirtualization Disguise the physical or individual hardware elements of computing to enhance or multiply resourcesTypes of virtualizationServer virtualizationRunning multiple server operating systems on a single server computerExample Microsoft HyperV Workstation or PC virtualizationRunning multiple workstation operating systems on one computerApplication virtualizationRunning single applications in their own virtual machine environmentsStorage virtualizationSetting up multiple networked disk storage units to appear as one unitHardware or CPU virtualizationHaving virtualization processes work inside a specially designed CPUNetwork virtualizationDividing a single network into multiple channels or bandwidths so it appears as multiple networksVirtual server softwareSoftware that enables a computer to house two or more operating systemsExample Windows Server 2008 running HyperVVirtual serverComputer running virtual server softwareVirtual machineEach instance of an operating system running within the softwareAdvantages of Virtual ServersEnables server consolidationUses hardware effectivelyProvides hardware independenceEnables using different operating systems on one computerProvides effective development environmentsIncreases portabilityOffers business advantagesAbility to Consolidate ServersReduce number of servers needed to run a businessServer proliferation Requires more work in maintaining serversUse of virtual servers Enables an organization to consolidate servers into fewer physical computersSaves money on personnel space security and energyFaster Server DeploymentSaves significant deployment timeFor medium and large organizations that deploy many computersLive migration and ability to use operating system images Enable quick set up of a virtual machine
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