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Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 330
Peter Pille

ITM330 Chapter 1 Notes Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning ERP programs are core software used by companies to coordinate information in every area of the businessHelp manage companywide business processes using a common database and shared management reporting tools A Business Process is a collection of activities that takes on or more kinds of input and creates an output Ex a report for forecast which is of value to a customer Functional Areas and Business Processes These functional areas are business areas of operation The most common include 1 Marketing and Sales MS 2 Supply Chain Management SCM 3 Accounting and Finance AF 4 Human Resources HR Each of these areas involve their own separate Business Functions which are activities specific to that functional area of operation Chart of Pg 2 Each of these functions are fairly interdependent but rely on the information from the other functions An Information System includes the computers people procedures and software that store organize and delivery information Business Processes Business Processes are all about efficiency If a customer needs to return a computer because it is broken they should only need to communication with one functional area of the business to get everything they need done Sharing data effectively and efficiently between and within function areas leads to more efficient business processes Information systems can be designed so that functional areas share data These systems are called Integrated Information Systems
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