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Chapter 6

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Information Technology Management
ITM 330
Peter Pille

ITM 330 Chapter 6 NotesHuman Capital Management HCM is associated with tasks that manage a companys workforceProblems with Fitter Snackers Human Resources Processes Recruiting Process Many of HR problems result from inaccurate outofdate and inconsistent information Everything is written even when the company tells HR that there is a job vacancy and they need someone to be hired This causes problems because sometimes information may be incomplete like the job description Also if the paper is lost then the HR department will not know there is a job that needs to be filled With an integrated system the job information is readily available and easier to monitor The Interviewing and Hiring Process There is no calendar software being used in FS meaning that they will not know exactly when all key personnel is available for an interview Human Resources Duties after Hiring The HR depart should keep in communication with employees an
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