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Chapter 8

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Information Technology Management
ITM 330
Peter Pille

ITM 330 Chapter 8 Notes Electronic Commerce Background Most businesses today conduct part of their business operations through electronic commerce ecommerce Most of the business grown on the internet has been in the area of BusinesstoBusiness B2B ecommerce rather than retail BusinesstoConsumer B2C ecommerce BusinesstoBusiness ECommerce This is defined as buying and selling between two companies over the internet These companies may be manufacturers suppliers wholesalers or retailersElectronic Data Interchange o Before the internet companies electronically transferred purchase orders through a system known as electronic data interchange EDI computer to computer transfer of business documents o EDIs can be expensive so companies subscribe to ValueAdded Networks VAN which is an intermediary internetbased network run by an outside EDI service providerInternetBased Procurement o Companies are moving from EDI to InternetBased Procurement o InternetBased Procurement is the use of internet technologies for buying raw materials for manufacturing or purchase of finished goods for resale activities Less expensive than EDI o An Electronic Marketplace is a gathering place for buyers and sellers on the internet Marketplaces without an operator are just websites directing buyers to certain products A marketing place with an operator facilitate the buying and selling of goodsInternet Auctions and Reverse Auctions o Reverse Auctions feature one buyers and many sellersCommodities are items that are widely available at a standard level of quality the only thing that varies between one and another is the priceFitter Snacker can go to a bidding website and set up a reverse auction program The program uses the internet to solicit bids to supply those raw materials needed Then FSs purchasing agents can choose the lowest priceElectronic Commerce Security o Denial of Service DoS Attacks is when attackers block access to a webbased service through a variety of means including bombarding a site with so many messages that the site cant handle the volume ECommerce and ERP Without ERP a company cannot fill orderseither web orders or traditional ordersin a timely manner Heres why
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