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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Chapter 4Privacy and Cyberspace 51 Are privacy concerns associated with cybertechnology unique or special y Consider the impact that changes in technology have had on privacy with respect to o Amount of personal information that can be gathered o Speed at which personal information can be transmitted o Duration of time that the information can be retained o Kind of information that can be acquired and exchangedMore on pg 115116 52 What is personal privacy y Privacy can be viewed in many ways such as o Privacy can be lost or diminished o Privacy can be intruded upon or invadedo Privacy can be violated or breached521 Accessibility privacy Freedom from unwarranted intrusion y Warren and Brandels believed that individuals have a legal right not be intruded such as when their photographs appear in newspapers along with defamatory stories y This definition of privacy as freedom from unwarranted intrusion focuses on the harm that can be caused thru physical access to a personal or to a persons possessions Judith Decew described this view asaccessibility view522 Decisional privacy Freedom from interference in ones personal affairs y Privacy is also seen asfreedom from interference in ones personal choices plansdecision this is known as decisional privacy523 Informational privacy Control over the flow of personal information y Informational privacy is gatheringstoring personal info using technology and 1s ability to restrict access tocontrol the flow of ones personal information524 A comprehensive account of privacy y James Moors view on 3 types of privacy on pg 117 y In Moors theory there is a distinction btwn naturally privatenormatively private situations enabling us to differentiate btwn the conditions required for having privacy and having a right to privacy ex on pg 118 y Scenario 51 on pg 118 natural privacy y Scenario 52 on pg 118119 normative privacy
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