ITM 301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Network Interface Controller, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network

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- group of computers and devices connected by transmission media
- allows you to share files, printers, applications data with other people
- peer-to-peer networks are easy to setup, maintain, etc - not good for corporations
- client/server networks are harder to setup and more costly - great for scalability
- Client/Server are the most popular - the workstation is the client and the backroom
computer is the server
- local area network - home, office, peer-to-peer
- MAN not commonly used or referenced
- wide area network, different transmission medias, separate offices across the country
Hardware Important Terms
-Client: requesting services or resources from the server - runs an OS
-Server: provides shared resources and runs NOS
-Workstation: known as a personal computer
-NIC: Network Interface Card: connects you to the world
-NOS: Network Operating System: lets servers manager users, groups, applications
and data
-Host: Computer
-Node: client, server or other device, identified by a network address
-Segment: group of nodes
-Backbone: network of networks - connects segments - connects 10 switches to 1 router
-Topology: the physical layout - ring, bus, star or hybrid
-Transmission Media: means which data is transmitted (fiber, copper, radio waves)
Software Important Terms
-Protocol: standard method for communication between devices
-Packet: data units exchanged between nodes
-Addressing: system for assigning unique addresses to every node
How Networks Are Used
- email, printer sharing, file sharing, internet access, remote access
- communication services - voice, video, email
- management services - manage network, diagnose computers, repair remotely, monitor
Become a Professional
- get a certification
- develop soft skills
- network with people in the field
- join professional associations
- Master broad networking skills, specialize in a niche
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