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Fall Week 10 - Data Quality in Qualitative Studies

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Fall Week 10 Data Quality in Qualitative StudiesDecember0110950 PMThere are four criteria establishing the trustworthinessof qualitative data credibility dependability confirmability and transferabilityCredibilityrefers to confidence in the truth of the data and interpretations of them The credibility of an inquiry involves two aspects 1 carrying out the investigation in a way that believability is enhanced and 2 taking steps to demonstrate credibility Was the study conducted and reported in a way that inspires confidence There are various techniques for improving and documenting the credibility of qualitative dataTriangulationProlonged engagement is the investment of sufficient time in data collection activities to have an indepth understanding of the culture language or group under study and to test misinformation May also be essential in building trust and rapport with informants Example To ensure dependability of findings data collection involved 203 hours of participant observation involving multiple observers and formal interviews with participants over a period of 10 monthsPersistent observation refers to the researchers focus on the aspects of a situation that are relevant to the phenomenon being studiedPeer debriefing is a session held with objective peers to review and explore various aspects of the inquiry Peer debriefing exposes investigators to the searching questions of others who are experienced in either qualitative research or in the phenomenon being studied or bothMember checks involve soliciting study participants reactions
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