PSY 105 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Electronvolt

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Published on 26 Mar 2011
Perspectives in psychology: PSY 105
Ryerson Lower Liberal
Week one
Chapter One:
What is Psychology?
Definition: Scientific study of mind and behaviour
Behaviour : (External)
Observable actions.
For example: Yelling, crying, talking, sweating,…
Mind: (Internal)
For example: Sensations, dreams, thoughts, memories, emotions
Science common sense
The Earth revolves around the Sun
Theres safety in numbers.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Goal: Explain, predict, modify behaviours and mental processes to improve quality of life.
What Do Psychologists Do?
700,000 in the world! In Canada…30,000
25% Private practice (USA. 50%)
20% Hospitals, health centres
• 15% Schools
8% University
5% Governments
20% Private businesses
7% Others (Forensic, psychopharmacology, legal, program evaluations)
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