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Chapter1ownChapter 1 William James is always regarded as founder of American psychology Psychology scientific study of mind brain and behavior discipline that spans 1 level of analysis1Social culture influences social behavioral level Involve relating to others and personal relationship2Psychologicalmental and neurological level Involves thoughts feelings emotions3Biological level such as molecules brain structure Molecular or neurologicalScientific psychology doesnt rely exclusively on intuitioncommon sense5 challenges of psychology1Human behavior is difficult to predictAll actions are multiply determined caused by number of factorsBeware of single variable explanations could be caused by multiple variables2Psychological influences are rarely independent of each otherDifficult to pin down and identify major cause or treat them as contribute factors interrelated3People differ in thinking emotion personality and behaviorIndividual differences explain why we respond differentlyDifficult to come up with explanation that applies to all4People often influence each other Reciprocal determinism mutual influence on each others behavior therefore difficult to determine what causes what5Peoples behavior is often shaped by cultureCulture difference place limits on generalization of psychologyEmic approach Study behavior of culture from perspective of nativeinsider such as study of inhabitants on isolated island Better understand unique characteristic BUT may overlook resemblanceEtic approach Study behavior of culture from perspective of outsider View culture within broader perspective BUT may unintentionally impose perspective from ownNaive realism Is seeing believing belief we see the precisely as it is We assume seeing is believing and trust our intuitive perceptions yet appearances can be deceiving and led us to draw incorrect conclusion BUT common sense can be helpful guide for generating hypothesisPsychology as a science an approach to evidence Consist of set of attitudesskills designed to prevent us from fooling ourselves Begins with empiricism premise that knowledge should be initially acquired through observationRefines initial observation and subject to tests not just opinionsWhat is scientific theory1
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