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Chapter 2

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Ryerson University
SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Chapter 2 – The History of Popular Culture Popular Recreation Before 1830 Around the 1830’s popular recreation underwent rapid changes from the forms that had existed since the Middle Ages. Recreation was closely tied to work, in form of holidays/festivals associated with particular times in the agriculture calendar. Recreations were public and anyone could join in and took place on land owned by the community. The Bonds of Community The ritualized form of popular culture reflected an organized society in which leisure and work displayed clear distinctions between laborers and landowners. Wealthy landowners facilitated/tolerated recreational activities of their workers. This occasional relaxation of social discipline made it less likely that the workers would challenge the ruling class’s authority. Capitalism and the Industrial Industry The industrial revolution brought a new culture, with new pleasures, identities, and brutality. A key condition for contemporary popular culture is Capitalism. Redefining Cultural Spaces The 1835 ban of football in the streets was a minor event in a line of restrictions of communal space. The most far- reach
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