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Article - Sifism A Short Introduction
Article - Sifism A Short Introduction

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Ryerson University
SOC 885
Amina Jamal

thMonday March 19 2012Article SufismA Short Introduction Article Title Sufism A short Introduction Chittick William C 2000 Sufism A Short Introduction Oxford Oneworld Chapters 1 2Key Points from the ArticleOften hear that Sufism is mysticism or esoterism or spirituality usually with the adjective Islamic tackled in frontThe religion of Islam can be understood in 3 dimensions Hadith of Gabriel Islam submissiontells us whats right and wrong according to shariah Practices of the body Iman faithBelief in Allah and his ProphetHow to understand world and self corresponds to mind Ihsan doing the beautifulAchieving nearness to God as well as sincerity love virtue and perfection corresponds to heart Three domains of faith in terms of its objectsProphet said Faith is to acknowledge with the heart to voice with the tongue and to act with the limbs3 domains body tongue and heartFaiths inmost core is found only in the heart Sufis Show us things as they are oh god One does not see things as they are with the eyes or the mind but rather with the core of the heart From the heart right seeing will then radiate forth and permeate every pore o
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