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Chapter 2

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Stephen Brown

Chapter 2 – Evaluating Health Claims Scientific Evidence Clinical Evidence Personal experience Anecdotal evidence Critical thinking  source (scientific journal, peer review, impact factor), date, author qualification, evidence, bias, logic 1. Describe the scientific method • Hypothesis • Test the hypothesis i. Control group  half experimental group (experimental treatment) half control group ii. Placebo  something that has no effect on the variable being tested and the subject cannot tell is different from the real experimental treatment. Also known as blind experiment, because the subject are blind to whether they are receiving a placebo/real treatment iii. Double blind experiment  neither the subject or the experimenter know who received the placebo and who received the real treatment. The purpose is to minimize the effects of the experimenter’s bias on the results 2. State the limitation of human experiments and suggest alternative solutions
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