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Chapter 4

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

Ch45 Ch4 Job Analysis Job A group of related activities and dutiesPosition The collection of tasks and responsibilities performed by one person Job Design oProcess of systematically organizing work into tasks required for a specific job oPurpose enhance the performance of employees and organization by modifying and enriching jobs oMake jobs more efficient Job Analysis oA process by which information about jobs is systematically gathered and organizedoProcedure for determining Task duties and responsibilities of a job Human attributes in term of knowledge and skills and abilities required oInformation are used for developingJob description what the job entail and Job specification what the human requirements are oJob analysis proves the foundation for all other HR activities Use of Job analysis information1Human resource planning1Combining with information of current employees can determine filled the jobs internally or externally2Recruitment and selection1Used to decide what sort of person to recruit and hire3Compensation1Determine the relative value of and appropriate compensation for each job2Job evaluation based on the required skills physical and mental demands responsibilities and working condition4Performance management1Performance standard are determined through job analysis 2Based on current job requirements often establish by employees and supervisor5Labour relations1Unionapproval job description used for classify jobs and bargaining over wages performance criteria and working condition6Training development and career management1Compare KSAs of current employees and those in job analysis can determine the gaps that require training programs7Restructuring 1Ensure duties to have been assigned and avoid overlap within duties 2Identify unnecessary requirement area of conflicts or health concernSteps in Job Analysis 1Review relevant organizationalbackground information 1Includes reviewing current job description of the job 2Select representative positions andjobs to be analyzed 1Ideally you want to do job analysis on everything but time is scarce 2We have to focus on particular jobs to save time 3Collect data on job activities 1Using one or more Job Analysis techniques2Qualitative and Quantitative data1
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