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Chapter Article for L14

NUTR480 Chapter Article for L14: Bulimia Nervosa

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Heidi Bates

NUFS 380 – Bulimia Nervosa To be clinically diagnosed with Bulimia nervosa there has to be reoccurring large binges followed by purging episodes. These purging behaviors can vary it just means that you are getting rid of the calories. Ex. extra-long run, making yourself sick or laxatives. An episode of binge eating can be categorized as eating a larger portion of food than most individuals would eat in a similar period (ex. within a 2-hour period). During these episodes, there is a sense of lack of control, like they can stop eating. This is different than stuffing yourself at Thanksgiving because of these feelings. This behavior is a vicious cycle and to be diagnosed has to occur at least once a week for 3 months. The cycle previously mentioned consists of over eating (binge eating), removal of said food in one of many reasons (purging), feeling ashamed and then strict dieting leading to bingeing and it repeats. How Do We Spot BN? There will be excessive dental and enamel erosion from the stomach acid passing over the teeth. Dentists are in a good position to spot this. There will also be tooth decalcification and irregularly shaped teeth. Another common sign is swollen salivary g
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