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Chapter 1

Chapter 1-Bolded Words

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Alison Dunwoody

Chapter 1 Archaeology of knowledge - Bourgeoisie - capitalists Class - division of society into a hierarchy of groups, determined by role in production of wealth Conflict Theory - based on the 4 Cʼs: conflict, class, contestation(challenged), change Critical sociology - ʻthe conscience of professional sociologyʼ; has same focuses as professional sociology, but aims to make sure they donʼt lose focus of the fundamental importance of the discipline. Cultural mosaic - discourse - conceptual framework with its own underlying assumptions and internal logic dramaturgical approach - egalitarian - classless society ethnography - ethnomethodology - ʻpeopleʼs methodʼ; focuses on practical reasoning/common sense knowledge folk society - functionalism - how social systems operate and produce consequences ideological - impression management - latent dysfunction - latent function - macro-sociology - focuses on the ʻbig pictureʼ of society and its institutions manifest function - melting pot - micro-sociology - focus on plans, motivations and actions of the individual or specific group narratives - a personʼs “voice”/words objective - policy sociology - political economy - professional sociology - audience is t
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