SOC100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Cultural Mosaic, Manifest And Latent Functions And Dysfunctions, Critical Theory

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Published on 29 Nov 2011
Chapter 1
Archaeology of knowledge -
Bourgeoisie - capitalists
Class - division of society into a hierarchy of groups, determined by role in production of
Conflict Theory - based on the 4 Cʼs: conflict, class, contestation(challenged), change
Critical sociology - ʻthe conscience of professional sociologyʼ; has same focuses as
professional sociology, but aims to make sure they donʼt lose focus of the fundamental
importance of the discipline.
Cultural mosaic -
discourse - conceptual framework with its own underlying assumptions and internal
dramaturgical approach -
egalitarian - classless society
ethnography -
ethnomethodology - ʻpeopleʼs methodʼ; focuses on practical reasoning/common sense
folk society -
functionalism - how social systems operate and produce consequences
ideological -
impression management -
latent dysfunction -
latent function -
macro-sociology - focuses on the ʻbig pictureʼ of society and its institutions
manifest function -
melting pot -
micro-sociology - focus on plans, motivations and actions of the individual or specific
narratives - a personʼs “voice”/words
objective -
policy sociology -
political economy -
professional sociology - audience is the academic world of sociology departments,
scholarly journals, professional associations and conferences. The research is
specifically designed to generate specific info.
proletariat - working class
protestant (work) ethic -
public sociology -
relations of ruling -
social darwinism -
social fact - patterned ways of acting, thinking and feeling that exist outside of any one
individual but exert control over all people. Social facts lead you to act in a sociologically
predictive way.
social gospel -
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