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Chapter 4

HR Chapter 4

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BUS 3000
Nita Chhinzer

CHAPTER 4DESIGNING AND ANALYSING JOBSOrganizing work for strategic success y An organization consists of one or more employees who perform various tasks The relationships between people and tasks must be structured so that the organization achieves its strategic goals in an efficient and effective manner through a motivated and engaged workforce Organizational Structure the formal relationships among jobs in an organizationOrganizational Chart is often used to depict the structure A snapshot of the firm depicting the organizations structure in chart form at a particular point in timey It does not provide details about actual communication patterns degree of supervision amount of power and authority or specific duties and responsibilities Figure 42 depicts 3 common types of organizational structurey Bureaucratic y Flat y Matrix In flatter organizations managers have increased spans of control number of employees reporting to them and thus less time to manage each one Therefore jobs involve more responsibility In organizations using selfmanaged work teams employees jobs change daily so management intentionally avoids having employees view their jobs as specific narrow set of responsibilities The focus is on defining the job at hand in terms of the overall best interests of the organization Bureaucraticy Top down management y Many levels and hierarchical communication channels and career paths y Highly specialized jobs with narrowly defined job descriptions y Focus on independent performanceEx President Vice president Directions Managers StaffFlaty Decentralized management approach y Few levels and multidirectional communication y Broadly defined jobs with general job descriptions y Emphasis on teams and on product development Ex Owner Managers AssociatesMatrixy Each job has two components functional and product y Finance personnel for product B and responsible to both the finance executive and the product B executiveEx Marketing Finance Sales Productiony In most organizations work is divided into manageable units and ultimately jobs that can be performed by employees
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