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Chapter 7

FRHD 2040 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Quality Records, Specific Performance, Takers

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 2040
Triciavan Rhijn

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Defining Assessment and Testing
o Determine the development of a child
o Asses social, emotional, and physical development
o Ongoing
o Collecting and evaluating information about the performance of an individual, the
quality of a program, or the effectiveness of an activity
Types of assessment
o Formative
Daily basis
Help adjust instruction and make changes for individual students
o Summative
End of a unit or topic
Adjustments can no longer be made to instruction
Types of tests
o Achievement
Mastery over a certain body of information
o Criterion-referenced
Specific performance level
o Developmental
Age-related, norm-referenced of behaviours and skills compared to others the
same age
o Norm-referenced
Compares test takers performance to others in a specific group
o Readiness
Level of preparedness for a specific academic or preacademic program
o Reliability
Degree to which test scores are consistent, dependable, or repeatable
o Screening
Identify children who may be in need of special services
o Standardized
Composed of empirically selected items that is to be used in a specific way
o Validity
Degree to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure
Testing Young Children
Screening test
o Deterie hild’s aility to lear skills
Developmental screening
o Determine what children can do compared to others their age
Readiness test
o Recognize letters and numerals
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