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Chapter 7

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Tanya Mark

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Chapter 7 Research Methods Design A design is sued to structure the research to show how all of the major parts of the research project the samples or groups measures treatments or programs and methods of assignments work together to address the central research questions 71 Internal ValidityResearch designs are typically constructed to address or eliminate threats to internal validity Internal Validity the approx truth about inferences regarding causeandeffect or causal relationshipsFor studies that assess the effects of social programs or interventions internal validity is probably the primary considerationThe key question of internal validity is whether observed changes can be attributed to your programs or intervention the cause and not to other possible causes an alternative explanation for the outcome Threats to Validity SingleGroup Threats Criticisms that apply when you are studying a single group that receives your program MultipleGroup Threats When you have several groups in your study 71A Establishing CauseEffect 3 Criteria required before you can say you have a causal relationship Temporal Precedencehave to show that your cause happened before your effect Eg What causes what inflation and unemployment Covariance of the CauseEffectBefore you can show that you have a causeeffect relationship you have to show that you have a relationship at allIf X then YIf not X
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