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Chapter 15

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NUTR 2050
Simone Holligan

Chapter 15 Summary 391392 395403Nutrition for Adolescent AthletesoMore than 50 of adolescents report playing on 1 sports teamsHigher among males reduced with ageWhite and black more than hispanic Fluids and HydrationoSpecially important in prepubertal adolescent athletes since body doesnt regulate body temp as welloToo mentally focused on sport to pick up on body signals of fluid loss sweating and thirstoAmbient temperature humidity level weight of equipment also play roleoShould regularly consume fluids even if not thirstyo68 oz prior to exercise 46 oz every 1520 minutes during and at least 8 oz after oEach pound lost during exercise needs 16 oz of fluid to rehydrate afteroShould not drink more than 16 oz30 minutesoSports drinks or juices diluted with water at a 12 ratio are more beneficial than waterBetter hydration and physical performanceNo more than 68 carbohydratesIf not diluted can cause gastric discomfort or delay gastric emptyingoToo much caffeine can promote diuresis increasing risk of dehydrationSpecial Dietary PracticesoWhen athletes consume nutritional or nonnutritional supplements in an effort to improve physical performance and increase lean body massoCarbohydrate loading regimensImprove the glycogen content and formation in muscleManipulation of training intensity and duration along with amount of carbohydrates in mealsWeek long process before competitionDays 13 high exercise low carbDay 47 low exercise rest but high carb now storedUsually modify to less intense methodCommon in endurance athletesoHigh protein diets34x the recommended amount with low intake of carbsDiscouraged for before performanceHigh protein foods usually also high in total and saturated fatsLow carb intake delays digestion and absorption reducing energy available
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