PSYC 3850 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Common Core State Standards Initiative, Philosophical Perspectives, Intellectual Disability

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PSYC 3850
Philosophical Perspectives
Previously mentioned was the name change of mental retardation to cognitive
disability. Rosa’s law has done the same. Thus, the grassroots movement to
deemphasize and remove this stigmatizing term has been mostly successful.
Luckasson outlined several important facets:
It should be specific, referring to a single entity and enhance communication
The term should be used by various stakeholders
The term must reflect current knowledge and be able to incorporate new
knowledge as well
Be useful or multiple purposes previously discussed (naming, identifying &
Enhance the naming of the persons it represents and communicate this
groups important values.
Intellectual Disability is the most appropriate term at this time and will be used for
the next decade at least. It is important to note that these functions do directly
impact people as do their inclusion/exclusion from programs, communities, stigma,
benefits and fair consideration in policy planning.
New Guideline: Modest gains in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior
and have the condition originate before the age of 25.
Social Perspectives
Rotholz, the outgoing president of the AAIIDD outlined several important issues he
envisioned as ongoing needs for persons with CIDs and their families.
More community support opportunities
Meaningful work options more available
More positive behavior supports
Quality of life
More details on page 366.
Not only is there concern for overrepresentation for African American students
there is also a growing number of students for who English is a second language
may be overrepresented as well. Some concerns were:
Labeling (can have a discriminatory effect)
Referrals (intervention and evaluation)
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find more resources at
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