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UWBIOL239Christine DupontWinter

BIOL239 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2-4: Wild Type, Yle

OC990926 Page
22 Jun 2016
Mating of f1 individuals will result in a f2 phenotypic ratio of 3:1 wild type eyes: purple eyes offspring: male drosophila. Having a tan body is a rec
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UWBIOL373Vivian DayehWinter

BIOL 373 - Completed Notes.doc

OC10143573 Page
11 Mar 2013
Introduction: ok let"s start out really basic. Electrical signals: changes in a cell"s membrane potential. This type of communication is the majority o
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UWBIOL303Bruce ReedFall

BIOL303 Chapter Notes -Realogy, Cytotrophoblast, Dishevelled

OC10262524 Page
10 Jun 2014
The process of progressive and continuous change that generates a complex multicellular organism from a single cell. Holoblastic: refers to a cell divi
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UWBIOL273Vivian DayehWinter

BIOL273 Chapter Notes -Autonomic Nervous System, Membrane Potential, Motor Unit

OC9874319 Page
5 Nov 2013
Muscles have two common functions: to generate motion, to generate force. >has features of both skeletal and smooth muscle. >electrically linked togeth
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UWBIOL273Vivian DayehWinter

BIOL 273 - Unit 5- Respiratory System

OC9874312 Page
5 Nov 2013
The exchange surface must be thin and moist to allow gases to pass from air into solution, and yet at the same time must be protected from dying out as
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UWBIOL373Heidi EngelhardtSummer

Unit 7 - Metabolism and Energy Balance - Full Textbook Notes

OC9874314 Page
5 Sep 2013
Satiety centre: stops food intake by inhibiting feeding centre. Glucostatic theory: glucose metabolism by hypothalamic centers regulates food intake. W
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UWBIOL373Heidi EngelhardtWinter

BIOL373 Chapter Notes - Chapter 19-20: Angiotensin, Cvcc, Acidosis

OC76620824 Page
10 Jan 2016
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UWBIOL373Heidi EngelhardtSummer

BIOL373 Chapter Notes -Noxious Stimulus, Vestibular Nerve, Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate

OC9874323 Page
5 Sep 2013
Special senses: visions, hearing, taste, smell and equilibrium. Somatic senses: touch, temperature, pain, itch, and proprioception. Proprioception: the
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UWBIOL373Heidi EngelhardtSummer

Unit 6 - Digestive System - Full Textbook Notes

OC9874316 Page
5 Sep 2013
The gastrointestinal tract (gi tract) is a long tube passing through the body: the lumen and its contents are actually part of the external environment
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UWBIOL130LDragana MiskovicFall

BIOL130L Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-8: Semipermeable Membrane, Synapsis, Cell Plate

OC4938315 Page
12 Sep 2016
Positive control: gives a positive result if the conditions were set properly. Negative control: gives a negative result if the conditions were set pro
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UWBIOL359Jonathan WittFall

BIOL359 Chapter Notes -Cystic Fibrosis, Allele Frequency, Zygosity

OC177322 Page
8 Oct 2013
Differences in survival and reproduction of phenotypes, leading to differences in their contribution to the next generation, resulting in a change in t
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UWBIOL130Niels C BolsFall

BIOL130 Chapter Notes - Chapter 17: Intermediate Filament, Lamin, Nuclear Lamina

OC51061012 Page
31 Dec 2015
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