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Chapter 7 Telecommunications the Internet and Wireless TechnologyNetworking and Communication TrendsWireless broadband access is the fastest growing form of Internet access growing at approx 28 a yearWhat is a computer networkSimplest form of a network consists of two or more connected computersEach computer on the network contains a network interface device called a network interface card NICThe connection medium for linking network components can be a telephone wire coaxial cable fibre optic cable or radio signal in case cell phone and WiFi networksThe network operating system NOS routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates network resources Dedicated server computer is a computer on a network that performs important network functions for client computers such as serving up Web pages storing data and storing the network operating systemHubs are simple devices that connect network components sending a packet of data to all other connected devicesSwitch has more intelligence than a hub and can filter and forward data to a specified destination on a local area network LAN Routers are network devices that connect two or more networks One of the main problems facing corporation today is how to integrate all the different communication networks and channels into a coherent system that enables information to flow from one part of a corporation to another Key Digital Networking Technologies Contemporary digital networks and the Internet are based on 3 technologies
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