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Chapter 1

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ADM2372BChapter1NotesInformationSystemsandBusinessStrategySection11InformationSystemsinBusinessInformationSystemsRoleinBusinessInformation Systems can be found everywhere and are a key aspect to business nowadaysInformationSystemsImpactonBusinessOperationsInformation technology plays a critical role in deploying enterprisewide initiatives by facilitating communication and increasing business intelligenceoCan create efficiencies and effectiveness across the organizationoFor IS to work every department of an organization has to work together and be interdependentBenefits 1 Customer Service 2 Finance 3 Sales and Marketing 4 IT Operations 5 Operations Management 6 HR 7 Security Goals 1 Reduce Costs 2 Improve Customer Satisfaction 3 Create Competitive Advantage 4 Generate Growth 5 Streamline Supply Chain 6 Global Expansion InformationSystemsBasicsInformation Systems Computerbased tools that people use to work with information and that support the information and informationprocessing needs of an organization it can be an important enabler of business success and innovationoIs alone is not useful unless right people know how to use and manage them effectivelyManagement Information Systems MIS Function that plans for develops implements and maintains IT hardware software and applications that people use to support the goals of an organizationoEvery large company has a IS IT or MIS departmentData Information and Knowledge oData Raw facts that describe characteristicsoInformation Data converted into meaningfuluseful contextoKnowledge Information that can be acted upon actionable informationIS Resources Plans and goals of MIS have to along with the plans and goals of organization Most managers do not know how to use IS resources effectivelyoIn essence People use processes to work with information systems to produce informationoOrder of priority people processes information
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