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16 Dec 2010
Torso In The Thames
Todd Sanders
They found the mutilated body of a young black boy in the river of thames, Police said it
was a form of an African ritual murder.
oEverything about the case was pretty much shown on crime shows related to
police, like
crimewatch, a show where they tried connecting the killing in Holland to the one
in thames.in the end, no connection, the dutch girl was killed by her parents.
Witch craft: called Sangomas, who use body parts and ointments in their potions for
oObeh: west african form of Witchcraft. Credo mutwa, a guy frm the medicine
marker who was a traditional healer, told the police the details of the ritual and
what tribe it was from.
Occult: Adam's body parts were sold for occult purposes. He was trafficked from West
Africa as a child slave solely for the purpose of killing.
Police: London metropolitan police: The MET. The paper is about how the police and
media got together to make an image of africans and africa. They sent the message that
Africans do immoral things on the whole, and their acts are corrupting the british society.
Basically they made the african " Otherness" more noticeable, underscored it, didnt
undermine it.
Detective inspector Will' O Reilly: head of the investigation. Police connected the name
found on the candles in the river to west africa and youroba. they flew in an african
guy who was specializing in the study of these rituals. The guy said it was african stuff.
Nelson Mandela: the guy who made the worldwide appeal to help find the murderer
There was a similar case in 1969 where a dad killed a baby girl to get his luck back
The police randomly arrested a woman from nigeria and flew her to london for
investigation, but she wasn't connected, yet had voodo like things at her house.
A team from scotland yard went to nigeria and collected samples of everything, all this
was in the newspaper, so media has like a big connection to spreading word.
In Nov 2002, the story in london was ' human flesh sold in london' it said police had
raided an illegal african bush meat , and human flesh, in london.
A documentary was made on the torso story, overall giving the message that adam is only
the tip of the iceberg, pointing to an underground business of trade in african kids for
occult purposes.
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oThis was possible through media-police collaboration.
The writer thinks that this act has made the african otherness more prominent. and
prooves it through three topics: homogenization, identity, and globalization.
Africa: homogenization: author says that police did what they did cuz black bodies come
from black africa, de investigation was the reduction of difference to uniformity.
oThe stuff about Nelson mandela being africa's spokesman, cuz o really said that
Mandela was one of the most influential men in africa, portrays a wrong image.
he also said that it's not possible to get news about the outside world in africa, this
isnt true
Globalization: a messed up "them" affects a very good " us " .
He also said that we're in south africa cuz this is the place we have experts on this stuff
and can learn about this culture, he portrayed the idea that all africans shared the same
culture basically, for homogenization, the imagery produced shows that geographic,
cultural, and social differences don't matter.
Identity: the british, europe, white people were on one side, and the blacks, africans,
killers were on the other. Africa and africans were tarred as irrational and superstitious
oMedia made fun of them by mocking their rituals. "we" reps good, rational, smart
people, " they" rep. dumb, superstitious, weird
The killings in africa are as rare as satanic child abuse in Britain but police and media
collaboration pretends that its a super common thing in africa. it makes people
think that africa is so ful of shit that it's now overflowing into britain and other places.
oPeople go like thank god it's been bought to our attention, cuz the awesomeness of
our country can fix the lameness of other countries. Basically portrayed africa as
the dark evil continent.
Muti: a ritual sacrifice where parents give up their kids.
Anthropologists called in to the investigators and said they didn't think it was good
enough evidence to say it was all african, but they were all ignored. it created a heart of
darkness image for africa.
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White Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack
Peggy McIntosh
Men are over-privileged and women are disadvantaged
Men would try to improve women’s status in society, in university and in curriculum, but
they cant or wont support the idea of lessening men’s
Men deny that they have advantages n cuz of these denials , male privilege is being
protected from being fully acknowledged, lessened, or ended
White privilege exists but denied and protected
Whites were taught that racism is sumtin that puts others as a disadvantagement, and also
been taught not to see one of its corollary aspects, white privilege, which puts them an
As males r taught not to recognize male privilege, whites r taught not to recognize white
White privilege is a package of unearned assets that you can count on cashing out in each
oIts like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports,
codebooks, visas, clothes, tools, and blank checks
Whites are taught to think of their lives as morally neutral, normative, and average and
also ideal, so that when they work to benefit others, this is seen as work that will allow
ppl to be more like “them.
Daily Effects of White Privilege:
Conditions that are attached somewhat more to skin colour privilege than to class,
religion, ethnic status, or geographic location
Daily effects of white privilege in a white’s life:
Basically, white can do way more than others can
So like they find their cultural music, food in markets
They aint harassed n all
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