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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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R Song

Chapter 2: Eden Questioned Historical Perspectives -Europeans used the Bible as the ultimate source of knowledge, and also for specific questions concerning early history -according to the Bible, the earth was less than 6,000 years old -Archbishop James Ussher determined that the world was created in the year 4004 B.C through reference to biblical detail, astronomical cycles and historical records -his calculation was accepted -this date was printed in the margins of many English-language Bibles beginning in 1701 -Ussher was wrong howeverhis result derived from simple math and historical analysis -some Europeans and Americans, believing in God, began to seek enlightenment about the world around them using the Bible and from nature itself -many of these thinkers and believers (God-fearing) believed that they were practicing a different way of worshipping and venerating God by the study and glorification of his works -in 1691, the natural scientist and theologian Reverend John Ray expressed the view of many scientists in the title of his book; the proper role of science -the conduct of scientific inquiry was to reveal The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation Uniformitarianism: The Contribution from Geology -many natural scientists accepted Usshers claim of a recent divine creation -but when they looked directly at nature, they saw evidence for extensive physical change in the earth itself -the earths appearance was viewed as the result of a serious of natural catastrophes -Noahs flood was seen as the most catastrophic www.notesolution.com
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