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Chapter 1

VSI readings chapter 1,2,4,7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

VSI: Chapter 1: A Dispute in Donggo: Fieldwork and Ethnography Anthropologists research is called, ethnography: researching of people, societies and communities. Can be loosely called participant observation. Other methods such as questionnaires can often be misleading esp. those communities we know nothing about. Fieldwork can be as un-exotic as a church in a small town Try to concentrate on primitive societies. Worked alone during fieldwork studies and eventually was able to adapt to the hosts way of life. Recall story in Doro Nikita, about Ina Monoe being assaulted. Do a sociologist, historian, or criminologist the said case would be invisible and misleading Peter learned that disputers are often not what they seem. He did not seek to find this information, its only because he was there. Ethnography is used to make cross-cultural comparisons. Ethnographers need to study before the go do fieldwork and are called ethnographers in a field. E.g. Ethnographer in law. You need to get funding for any fieldwork (sometimes get papers signed, government officials to give you a green light) One of the hardest parts is to enter and leave the community. Flaws in ethnography: ethnographic present, spoil their traditions and write in a third person voice. The objectivity of info is hard to validate because you cant calibrate a humans. Fail to mention certain details because of issues. www.notesolution.com
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