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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Feeding Desire PrologueSaharan Desert1 million MoorsNancy Etcofs if being thinned is valued being a bit thinner than the next women will give you and edgeA leaning towards 1 favoured feature escalates to an extreme Feeding Desire Chapter 1West Africa likes the Azawagh region of NigerHistorically dominate group in Niger is the TuaregSaharan nomadic group of indigo turbaned men and silver bejewelled womenTuareg had slaves called BouzouThe Wodaabe men deck themselves in jewellery and paint their faces and dace before women to attract loversIncreasing number of Muslim Hausa and Zarma that dominate Niger politically and numericallyA A Are in the northAmong the AA there are three main cases o The white for free Arabs high level o Former slave caste called Haratin low level o Artisans caste aka blacksmiths mediumSlaves lived in north side of town white Arabs lived in center and southern endSlaves didnt fatten but appreciated itTo live among AA it entails letting go of the idea that individuals are self contained entities acting on and above the world and replacing it with a sense of bodys openness to and dependency on a world of sublet forces hidden intentions sneaky spirits and secret desireMen and women were formed by God to be as different and complementary as possible and that the tension between them is one of the pricincipal driving forces of human life on earth Feeding DesireChapter 2G
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