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Chapter 2

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Joyce Parga

Chapter 2: Primate Classification and Evolution - no single diagnostic trait that sets primates apart - primates are most accurately defined with reference to a suite of generalized morphological traits o rather than by any single feature o eyes that point forwards o grasping hands and feet o thumbs and great toes are often opposable o flattened nails o large-brained o reproduce relatively slowly compared to other mammals of comparable body size o single offspring are the norm o twinning sometimes occurs o extant primates may be placed into six major superfamilies: Lemurs of Madagascar (superfamily lemuroidea), galagos and lorises of Africa and asia (superfamily lorisoidea), tarsiers of southeast asia (Superfamily tarsioidea), new world monkeys (super family cercopithecoidea, apes and human beings (superfamily hominoidea) o these superfamilies comprise 69 genera containing 331-73 species of primates - lemoridea, lorisoidea and tarisoidea have traditionally been included within a single suborder - simians/ anthropoids are grouped together - tarsiers exhibit a spectrum of anatomical features some of which they share with t he extant prosimians o others with the anthropoids o simplex uterus is found in te anthropoids o like monkeys and apes, tarsiers lack the moist rhinarium which characterizes the nasal structure of prosimians - modern day lemurs: survivors of remarkable adaptive radiation of prosimians o took place in Madagascar o secure from competition from mammals of the African mainland o Malagasy lemrs produced variety of arboreal and terrestrial forms - Lorisoidea: galagos or bushbabies o Non-gregarious and nocturnal o Complicated sexual communication - Tari
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