BIOA01 Chapter 7

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Biological Sciences
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Zachariah Campbell

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9212013 122800 PMChapter 7 Photosynthesis the amount of CO2 converted into organic molecules by photosynthesis is 13about 11 x 10kg of carbon per year photosynthesis the conversion of carbon dioxide into organic molecules using light energy2 processes of light reactions and Calvin cycleautotrophs self feeding organisms from carbon dioxideseparated into chemoautotrophs and photoautotrophsphotoautotrophs a photosynthetic organism that uses light as its source of energy and carbon dioxide as its carbon sourceprimary producerstheir energy is transferred into heterotrophs after being consumedphotosynthesis is found in bacteria and eukarya but not in Archaeaarchea uses process called phototropy a nutritional strategy in which light is used as a source of energyin Calvin cycle energy of ATP used to convert CO2 into an organic form carbohydrate known as carbon fixation a reduction reaction with electrons being added to CO2 CO2H e CH2Onequation for carbon fixationthe source of electrons required for CO2 fixation is from water called oxygenic photosynthesis because O2 is produced as a byproduct2H2Olight energy2H 4eO2equation for oxygenic photosynthesis3 carbon sugars are the major direct product of the Calvin cycle Total equation is 6CO212H20C6H12O66O26H2Oin eukaryotes both processes of light reactions and Calvin cycle take place in the chloroplast which is the organelle consisting ofouter membrane covers surface of organelleinner membrane on opposite side of outerintermembrane compartment space between outer and innerstroma aqueous environment within the inner membrane
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