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Neville Panthaki

N Industrial revolutiontechnological advances (steam engines), division of Europe by progress, profits from imperialism helped finance revolutions, raw materials, labour o Division of Europe by progressNorth vs. South, West vs. EastBritain, France, Germany vs. Italy, Belgium o Countries like Germany and France possessed natural resources for themselves o Rural vs. urban shift from people from the rural areas to the cities in order to look for work, decline of cottage industry (1 product is made in 1 household or many households and sold to the city), breakdown of labour, men were first to move to the cities, women and children followed as well o Education becomes a marker of progress, but also a means of instilling colonial desire o Italy literacy rates were lower than France, Germany Northern Italy had more progress and southern Italy was more agricultural based still Germany had a shift in political system to Chancellor In France, there was a shift in monarchy to liberalism after the French Revolution, but still there were many problems after as the people still did not want the Church to have too power, but the Church had allies in the form of autocratic people, which finally meant that nothing worked out finally Industrial revolution was late in Germany, but when it did happen Germany increased productivity exponentially which worried France o ColoniesIndia, Japan, African countries (Nigeria, Congo, South Africa), Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil o Rise
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