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Chapter 15

HLTB03 - Chapter 15

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter 15Inequality Family and Child HealthIn 2003 the share of total aftertax income of the richest 20 of the family units was 437 while for the poorest 20 it was 5The number of poor people was nearly 5 million in 2003 and the poverty rate was nearly 1612 million children lived in poverty a rate of 167Certain groups face a higher risk of poverty including unemployed persons people who participation in the labor force is irregular those with low educational levels and those in certain occupationsThose who are advantaged with respect to socioeconomic status are also advantaged in health statusIn 1960 the infant mortality rate was slightly over 27 in 2003 the rate was 53Infant mortality rate in Aboriginal population is almost twice that of
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