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Intro to Research Methods in HealthChapter 1Investigating Health Services and Health the Scope of Research Outcome 13Health service outcomes are the effects of health services on patients health ie health gain as well as patients evaluations of their health careDonabedian defined health outcome as a change as a result of antecedent health care This definition excludes the maintenance of patients in a stable condition which can also be a valid aim of treatment Also excludes many health promotion and prevention activities Outcome refers to the effectiveness of the activities in relation to the achievement of the intended goal In relation to social care and longterm health care the objective is to measure what difference this made to the recipients life in the broadest sense Lohr defined outcome in relation to death disease disability discomfort and dissatisfaction five Ds He argued that measurement instruments should focus on these concepts The trend now is to incorporate positive indicators ie degrees of wellbeing ability comfort satisfaction rather than negative indicators Broader Measures of Outcome Assessment of outcome needs to incorporate both the medical model and the patients perspective Health and HealthRelated Quality of Life 14Health status is one domain of healthrelated quality of life Health status and healthrelated quality of life can encompass physical health physical functioning social functioning and social health psychological wellbeing emotional wellbeing and perceptionsAn instrument which encompasses all the above is measuring healthrelated quality of lifeConcepts of perceived health status quality of life and healthrelated quality of life can be complex to analyse as they might be mediated by several interrelated variables including selfrelated constructs and subjective evaluations could be influences by cognitive mechanisms Healthrelated
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