HLTA01 Ch 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 3 Six Plagues of Antiquity 4367 yellow fevermalaria are vectorborne diseases Agricultural revolution cultivation of cropsanimals urbanization transmission of disease vector air water contactparasites with longlived transmission stages allowed diseases to establish when a persistent small number of the infected were maintainedThe Pharaohs Plague Snail Fever 1900 BCthe disease originated f East Africa the Nile Middle East AsiaSchistosomiasis blood fluke diseaseendemic hematuriainvolves fecesurine water snailsflatworm blood flukesymptoms are bloody urine hematuria abdomenorgan enlargement fever chills sweating anemiacoughcalcified eggs of the blood fluke are found in the kidneys infested fossil snails in the Jericho well water is the causeirrigation farming in Egyptthe Fertile Crescent allowed the transmission of snail fever causes by blood flukestransmission stages of the parasite are microscopic eggs miracidiacercariaeadult worms live in the blood vessels close to the bladdersmall intestinebecome enclosed in a tumour called a granulomadiscoverer of disease was German physician Theodor Bilharz in 1851 he named the worm Distomum later renamed to Schistosomathe schistosome eggs w pointed spi
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